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Price List
People Searches
Description Response Time Price  
E-People Immediate $5.00
Mini-Profile Immediate $7.50
Super Profile Immediate $15.00
Bankruptcies, Tax Liens & Judgments Immediate $5.00
People Finder w/DOB Immediate $5.00
Professional Licenses (CA) Immediate $5.00
Marriage Index Immediate $5.00
Divorce Index Immediate $5.00
Death Index Immediate $5.00
National FAA Airmen Immediate $5.00
Phone Number Identifier Immediate $5.00

Court Record Searches
Description Response Time Price  
National Onsite Criminal3 to 7 working days$15.00
National Onsite Civil3 to 7 working days$20.00
California Civil IndexImmediate$5.00
California Criminal IndexImmediate$5.00
Statewide Criminal ConvictionsImmediate$15.00
Wants and Warrants3 to 7 working days$20.00
Los Angeles Criminal MunicipalImmediate$15.00
Los Angeles Municipal CriminalImmediate$15.00

Asset Searches
DescriptionResponse TimePrice  
Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Civil JudgmentsImmediate$5.00
National Real PropertyImmediate$5.00
California UCCImmediate$5.00
California Fictitious Business IndexImmediate$5.00
Corporation InformationImmediate$5.00
California Board of EqualizationImmediate$5.00
National FAA Aircraft OwnershipImmediate$5.00
National Merchant VesselsImmediate$5.00